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It seems that the elusive dingus is still alive and well out on the interweb. They lurk, wait, and then pounce on the opportunity to show the world their elite grade 3 writing skills. Some new additions have been added to the lub/hate mail page.
As always, bring it on tards! I lub to read your seething hate in all its raw, broken English glory. Who needs vowels anyway? Vowels are for sissies, right?

Q: What's the difference between a dead skunk in the road and a dead ninja in the road?

A: There are skid marks before the skunk!

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You have to check out this amazing ninja stop-motion animation. One of the best I have ever seen. Click here

Ninja Babes Ninja Babes are back to kick your ass!

For Sale: Revenge of the Ninja vintage press kit!
Press kit for this 1983 movie includes:
- Original MGM\UA Entertainment Co. folder
- 4 Glossy 8x10 photos. 2 featuring Sho Kosugi and Masked Ninja in battle scenes as well as 2 featuring Sho Kosugi and his son Kane Kosugi in movie scenes.
- 4 Page bio on Kane Kosugi on ROTN letterhead!
- 14 Page movie booklet with production notes, cast listings, bios and more. ROTN logo on cover page, very cool!
- 2 Original news paper cut outs of the movie advertisements for opening day!
Click here for picture

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a piece of ninja movie history. Price is $50 and includes shipping and handling. Contact us for more information.

I have been getting emails asking and I should just go ahead and get this out in the open. This should just go without saying, but here it is for the nerds out there who need to see it in writing.

FACT : a ninja would kick a vampires ass, in any situation. Vampires come and go like fads, but NINJA never die!


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